New Wedding Band {Wordless Wednesday}

Well, it’s embarrassing, but I outgrew my wedding ring this year. Not, I’m totally ready for an upgrade, but more, I’ve gained too much weight to wear it anymore. I don’t like not wearing a wedding ring. So when I was in Vegas for a work trip, I bought myself a new one. Somehow it seemed appropriate.

Charlie made me wait until our anniversary to have it. I suppose that was fair because I told him it was my anniversary/birthday/Christmas gift. I had them wrap it at the store because I’m thoughtful like that. When I opened it, I exclaimed, “It’s just what I wanted!” Because it was.

David Yurman

David Yurman



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4 responses to “New Wedding Band {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. GORGEOUS!! Charlie chose well, and I’m not referring to the ring.

  2. Gorg. I want to try it on.

  3. So pretty! I like the non-traditional rings so much.