Santa Likes Pancakes Too {Wordless Wednesday}

summer santa

Summer Santa - at IHOP

A couple of summers ago, we ran into this gentleman at IHOP one morning. Monkey Boy was SURE it was summer Santa. He thanked him (in something just short of a bullhorn shout) for the cars the Christmas before. Summer Santa told him he was on a scouting mission to be sure he was good all year long… and he should mind his mother.

I love summer Santa.


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  1. My dad also looks a bit like Santa Claus. I remember a time about 10 years ago when I was in Sim’s Barbecue with my father. There was a little kid sitting behind the cash register with his mom. As soon as he saw my dad, his little eyes popped wide open and he says, “Hello, Santa Claus!!!” Because Santa Claus goes around town in a windbreaker running suit and eats barbecue. The little boy’s mother was SO embarassed, but my dad just thought it was funny. And of course when he laughed, it was a full on belly laugh just like Santa would do. It was priceless.