Last week, I loaded up my people and headed to the Windy City. There were shenanigans. We had an absolutely fabulous time seeing old friends and spending time in the city we called home all too briefly. Chicago really is our kind of town.

If I had a slide projector, I would invite you over and make you watch slides of our trip. Since I don’t, you’ll have to settle for a blog post.

Chicago River

Chicago River

millenium park bean

Millenium Park


The Zamboni in Millennium Park ice skating rink. This was one of the real highlights for Monkey Boy.

daytime view from our hotel room

night view from our hotel

Daley Plaza

We were waiting for the tree lighting at Daley Plaza. There were choirs and lights and people and a real Christmas moment happening. Monkey Boy said he wanted to go home and watch TV. I have obviously failed at everything.

Our Thanksgiving dinner

Our friends at Thanksgiving dinner. You'll notice the bottle of moonshine from Arkansas. We were a big hit with that hostess gift.

Field Museum Sue

Monkey Boy with "Sue" at the Field Museum

Field Museum

Upon closer inspection....

Field Muesum

The Field Museum has actual fossils to look at under the microscope. Monkey Boy used it to view his cars.

Field Museum

See, he's a monkey!


In the hotel lobby were interactive tables with games. Baby Daddy taught Monkey Boy to play checkers. This would have been a lot more adorable if I hadn't been really hungry at that time.


Jellyfish at the Shedd Aquarium. They were surprisingly beautiful.


The Shedd has an interactive submarine for kids to play. We almost never got Monkey Boy out of there. He loved it.

Marilyn Monroe sculpture

It might have been voted the worst piece of public sculpture in America, but that's just the kind of tacky we love. Look, Marilyn gave birth to an action figure!

Our last breakfast before going home.

Katy Kat on the plane. Putting up with the woman who won't stop taking photos.

Monkey Boy first said the plane was his favorite part of the trip. He later revised his answer to say the bathroom on the plane was the best. Apparently, peeing in the sky is crazy awesome.


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  1. Its a new kind of fun when you can pee on a plane.