Crime Fighting Pilgrims

So I’m going to be out of town at the end of the week. Monkey Boy’s class will have their Thanksgiving Feast while I’m away. We’re signed up for juice boxes.

turkey juice box pilgrim juice boxBaby Daddy does a lot of things well. Class parties, however, are not really in his bag of tricks. If I left this chore to him, a package of juice boxes would be purchased at the store and delivered to the class the day of the party. You know, like normal people behave. That is not acceptable when you’re a psychocrafter.

This weekend I decorated the juice boxes as turkeys and Pilgrim hats. It is possibly sad how happy it made me to do this.

I showed them to Monkey Boy. He got super excited, “You made Batman juice boxes, Mommy! You’re awesome!” Seriously. He thought I spent my morning making super hero snacks.

And then I had a flashback to one of my favorite episodes of West Wing, when Sam Seaborn decided to write a crime-fighting Pilgrim television series.


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  1. Christine

    Thank you! I have spent 2hrs on the net trying to find an easy quick juice box wrapper for Thanksgiving! I can make anything, but I need a kernel of an idea first! You Rock!