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From time to time, KloutPerks sends me stuff. I am full of awesome, you see, and obviously they want me to tell you how awesome their sponsors’ stuff is, then you’ll buy it. It’s brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to be like me?

klout perks axeThis weekend, I got some men’s hair gel. I dropped it in the bathroom drawer, cause you never know. As luck would have it, Monkey Boy declared he wanted his hair “sparkled” like another boy in his class. I wasn’t too sure about that until I realized he meant “spiked.”

Well, that will just be marvelous! I have some hair gel right here.

My hand to God, that child got up at 5:30 this morning asking me to put gel in his hair. He was so excited. He kept saying, “Everybody is gonna love my new hair!”

That would be everyone, but him. Upon seeing his hair, styled exactly the way he requested, he began to cry & shout, “Put it back down! Put it back down!”

So I did. After I took pics. Because I was not letting this work go to waste.

The moral of the story is: Axe hair gel did exactly what Monkey Boy wanted it to do…until he didn’t want it to any more. Buy some if you want to. Crying child not included.


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