Into the Woods {Fabulous Friday}

into the woods thoreauI’m going to the woods this weekend. I know, I think it’s crazy too. But if I’m ever really gonna write this book I keep joking about, but not really joking, I have to unplug and give myself the creative space to think.

That’s probably not gonna happen staying in my house that desperately needs the bathrooms cleaned and the laundry done. Don’t worry too much, I’ll only be about 20 minutes outside of town. And there will be friends: a group of kindred spirits who also need a brief break from real life to create space in their minds for other things. There will also be a cabin with running water, central heat and air and beds with clean sheets. This is as close to nature as I intend to ever get.

We’re going to live deliberately. We’re going into the woods. Allegedly, we’re not going to talk the whole weekend, we’re going to work. Wish us luck!

Don’t forget the contest to win a copy of My (NOT SO) Storybook Life by Liz Owen. Now that’s really fabulous.



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2 responses to “Into the Woods {Fabulous Friday}

  1. berit

    i think we can probably still be friends after this. acquaintances at a minimum.

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