You Can Be Jealous {Wordless Wednesday}

I know it’s supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but these ladies deserve some words.

I spend my days with lots of great people, but mostly these three. They are totally fabulous. I took their photo today because Monkey Boy was having a fit about his car, so I told him I’d take it to work with me. I sent the photo to his teacher as proof his car was not alone. Blessedly, neither am I.

Jennifer (left) is the pleaser. She spends her days on happiness patrol. Is everyone taken care of? Are the clients pleased with the work? Does anyone need tea? She is kind, generous and thoughtful.

Caroline (middle) is the spitfire. She is polished, funny, stylish and savvy. Some people make the mistake of misjudging her tiny frame and small voice as fragile, which is a terrifically bad idea because she is smart, strong and sassy.

Joy (right) is the mediator. She runs interference all day long… between clients and creative, her sisters and brothers and her friends. UN negotiators could learn from her. She has an instinct for when to push people and when to wait for them to come to her. She is calm, steady and methodical. She also liked the donuts I brought to work to try to buy their love…because I’m shameless like that.

I understand if you want to be jealous of me now. I’m surrounded by awesomeness all day long.



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9 responses to “You Can Be Jealous {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. Yes you are! I haven’t met Joy… but I miss Caroline and Jennifer very very much!!!

  2. At my workplace, I’m surrounded by three “friends” as well. One is a poodle that wears pink hair bows and begs to be petted all day long. The other two, cats, are alternately aloof and needy. Cheers to great friends and co-workers!

  3. Patti Julian

    Since I know and adore Jennifer I would say you are very lucky. The only downside to her is you have to look at that incredible face all day.

  4. I don’t know where you work, but it sounds like fun with these girls nearby every day.

  5. Caroline

    Kerri, it is our privilege to spend our days with you. You’re the team builder, the giver, the multi-tasker, the woman full of a million brilliant ideas and the one who does all this while serving up a big dose of humor every day.

  6. Stephanie

    Lol I AM jealous! All my colleagues are 7yrs and younger and one has fur!

  7. Donna Perrin

    You are right on target, DY,LR. All four of you are great to work with.

  8. These ladies are so rad! xo.