Run for Shelter

Back in May, I wrote I was starting to run again. That’s been true about half the time since then. I’ve decided the only way to make myself actually run on a consistent basis is to set small goals, and then tell people so the social pressure will make me achieve them. Yes, I am that pathetic.

I’ve registered for my first 5k in this plan. I’ll be running (using the most charitable definition of the word) October 15 in the Hillcrest Run for Shelter. I love this cause. I love the people organizing this. I love everything about it, except the part where I have to get my fat bohiney out of bed every day and run so I don’t completely mortify myself.

Yes, I know it’s just 3 miles. In a less pitiful time in my life, that would be no big deal. But this is a big deal, for me, right now. If you’re in Little Rock, please join me for the run. If you don’t run, or don’t want to run that day, or are out of town, these people are so clever… you can be a virtual runner. You can still help a good cause while sleeping in your comfy bed.

I’ll even let you point, laugh, mock or call the paramedics.


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