He’s a Reader

This weekend, Monkey Boy picked up something sent home from his Karate class and sounded out the words “B-l-a-c-k B-e-l-t.” There were cheers and crazy high fives all around. My boy is a reader!!

where the wild things areIt all came together for him in a light bulb kind of moment. Letters have sounds. Sounds make words. All of those books he’s been looking at the pictures but couldn’t read, have meaning for him now. It was wicked awesome.

I immediately started bragging to anyone who would stand still about how smart my kid is. You know, like I did something. My sister brought me back to reality. She sent me a text message, “You realize if you and Charlie spell words to each other, your code was just blown.”

This is worse than when he went mobile! For nine glorious months, I put the kid down somewhere, when I came back, he was still there. Then he learned to crawl. That’s when I realized I was going to be outdone by the only short person in my house. Then he learned to walk. It’s been pretty much over since then.

I blame Baby Daddy. He’s in charge of bedtime. You know what he does? He reads to that child. every.single.night. Sometimes he reads more than one book. It’s not like he didn’t know about studies that show children who are read to learn to love words. Nobody was exactly hiding the fact that exposure to books helps children read at a younger age. What was he thinking?! Obviously, he was not concerned about my personal happiness. He was probably hoping our kid becomes successful or something.

So I’ve decided I shouldn’t have to suffer alone. November 15, Little Rock Public Schools are having reading day. They need volunteers from the community to come in and read to every elementary school class. I’ve signed up. Look, if my kid is gonna be a reader, then every other kid ought to be to. Because I’m not gonna be the only mother in this town who can no longer get away with spelling out swear words.


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