I Have Seen Things

I have seen some truly awful people behave as hateful, ugly, unfortunate wastes of space. They suck up all the energy they can and leave nothing but a wake of pain and destruction. They show all the signs of living a very long time.

I have two dear friends. They are kind to animals and old people. They are charitable and funny. They are good wives, mothers (to their own kids and others), sisters, daughters and friends. They are sick.

I have seen families try to destroy each other for money, power or just the sport of it.

I have seen imperfect families who genuinely cared for each other, warts and all, lose loved ones in tragic ways.

I have seen selfish, greedy people do everything possible to hoard their wealth and resources, ignoring the cries of the needy in their community.

I have seen open, generous people give of their resources and themselves to try to make a difference in the lives of children. I have seen their hearts broken, over and over again.

I have seen things. Too many of them don’t make any sense.



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2 responses to “I Have Seen Things

  1. It is a shame, because there are alot of people that are truly “wastes of space”. Dealing with that in my own family right now, where a brother is “homeless” by his own accounts and he wants to steal from his family and cause as much friction as possible. And it is utterly senseless. 😦
    Praying for everyone going thru all of this needless pain and heartbreak. Thank you for posting this!