School Picture Day

school picture 2011

school picture 2011

I forgot it was picture day at Monkey Boy’s school. I partly blame Baby Daddy because he forgot too. I let the kid dress himself. He chose a t-shirt that reads, “Boys will be Boys.” It has a popsicle stain on it.

When I think of school pictures, all I can see is my Nano’s mantle with a row of framed 5x7s of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In my mind, I had planned for her great-grandson to wear a cute shirt with a collar. He was going to look respectable in that lineup.

Don’t give me that crap about how he really looks at school and preserving precious memories. Picture day is not about documenting reality, it’s about making your child look like you wish they did. Otherwise, they’d send a photographer into the classroom to shoot candid photos.

We got the photos back yesterday. For the next year, my child will half-smile at all visitors to my Nano’s house with popsicle on his shirt and hair all askimbo… because I’m mother.of.the.year.



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4 responses to “School Picture Day

  1. Katie McManners

    I’m sorry…what does his shirt say? I didn’t get past THE GORGEOUS EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. berit

    i love this pic- it shows monkey boy just as he is…a mischievous boy ready to take on the WORLD

  3. Elisabeth Burak

    My sister had her 2nd grade picture the day after I went to an MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert in Tulsa. So she insisted on wearing the concert tee, black with a loud colorful “Can’t Touch This” logo right on front.

    An don’t get me started on the purple sweatsuit I I somehow managed to wear the day I had the solo in the school Christmas show (3rd grade).

    My mom was awesome but picked her battles.

  4. I remember showing up to school one day completely unprepared for photos. I had forgotten and my parents had forgotten. Thank God for girlfriends who let me borrow hairbrushes and makeup… but I still looked ridiculous.

    By the way, Monkey Boy is adorable — popsicle stain and all.