The Kerri in My Head

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In my mind, there is a different version of me. The Kerri is my head has her act together. She gets up when the alarm goes off the first time, no matter how tired she is. She weighs 30 pounds less because she works out regularly and doesn’t eat her feelings.

The Kerri in my head goes to the grocery store BEFORE she runs out of milk, bread, diet coke and anything resembling edible food. She is prepared for the day with lunches prepped and clothes laid out in advance so she is never late and doesn’t forget things.

Because she has three more hours in every day, the Kerri in my head is not rushed and short-tempered. She does not yell at her kid. She is kind to her husband. She remembers friends’ birthdays and sends cards. She has time for coffee, drinks or lunch to keep up with their lives and offer assistance when she is needed. She is a room mom because she completely dependable.

At work, the Kerri in my head  has a clean, organized desk. She enters her time sheets properly, so others never have to do more work because of her mistakes.

The Kerri in my head could rule the world. And



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6 responses to “The Kerri in My Head

  1. berit

    thank you for writing this…because its exactly how i picture the berit in my head…
    p.s. to quote a mutual friend “you rock my socks off”

  2. The Charlene in my head is very.different than the one in the read world – and she taunts me too. Isn’t it nice to know you’re not alone? I find it refreshing myself. Thanks!

  3. The extra 3 hours in the day would allow world-ruling. Of course, the me in my head also has a fuller head of hair at this age.

  4. The Kerri in your head is a lot like the Erin in my head. *sigh*

  5. The Kelli in my head also has those three extra hours, but even she pretends it’s four.

  6. The Kerri in your head looks a lot like the Kerri in my head. You are a lot closer to ruling the world than you realize.