Print the Word Document

I did not make this up. I have confirmed with the woman involved: everything you are about to read is true.

Several years ago, an account executive at the ad agency where I work was instructed by a client to send a printing job to a specific local printer. This printer shall remain nameless, not because we’re kind people, but because no one can remember now who was responsible.

She called to verify the email she sent had been received. The printer guy was not exactly a candidate for mensa. She asked if he got her email. He confirmed he had, but didn’t know what was he supposed to do. The conversation went something like this:

Her: There’s a word document attached. Just print the word document on the cards. I’ll need 300.
Him: I don’t understand.
Her: Just print the word document on 300 cards.
Him: Just print the word document? On 300 cards?
Her: Yes. Print the word document.

She cannot remember exactly how many times she repeated the instructions. But she recalls says, “Print the word document!” many times.

The next day, a box arrived at her desk.

word document

There were 300 cards with the word "DOCUMENT" printed on them.

And that friends, is why we never underestimate how dumb a person can be.



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4 responses to “Print the Word Document

  1. Oh, my! It’s Cakewrecks… on paper.

    Except, I can’t really laugh too hard because my job security is tied to this sort of stuff. For example, “Hit F6” does not mean “hit the F key, then the 6 key”. Or a few months ago when I called to do a remote training session and, rather than putting me on speakerphone, the employee just set the receiver facing up on her desk and then couldn’t understand why everyone couldn’t hear me.

    But, “DOCUMENT” really might be my favorite!!

  2. That’s freaking awesome!!!!

  3. Zac Cosner

    Thanks. I needed that on a Monday.

  4. OMG. I needed this… because I deal with similar situations all.the.time at work as a secretary. Sheesh.