Bowls, Cups and Drinks

Last week was a bad week. We realized we weren’t going to be back in our house by Christmas. For a person who hates the holiday season, this was much more unsettling news that you might imagine.

I overheard Baby Daddy and his dad on the phone talking about potential time lines, holiday plans and general stuff. They were trying to be nice. I nearly had an anxiety attack. I’m a girl who orders Christmas cards in the summer. I very big on planning. I can’t plan. I don’t know where we’ll live.

Then Sunday, a darling friend found me at church and gave me a brown paper bag. She said open it later. She knew I had a bad week, and she thought it might help. I almost cried when I read the note and saw what was in the sack. It was so incredibly perfect.

tea bowl

"home" tea bowl

Last year when we found out we were moving to Little Rock, we had 1 weekend to find a place to live. We looked at 13 houses in one day & made an offer the next. Then we spend several weeks more wondering if it was going to work out and if we’d have a place to live….

Nearly every piece of art I made that spring was about houses & homes. I want you to have one. It’s a tea bowl that I made to be a little on the heavy side – I wanted to feel anchored somewhere. I wanted to feel like, eventually, we would be home.

Technically it’s a tea bowl, but you should feel free to eat ice cream or soup out of it.

chicken cup

"chicken" cup

I’m also putting a cup here with it. Because ice cream and soup are nice, but sometimes what you really need is a drink. The chicken on the cup isn’t particularly meaningful – but I have found our chickens to be the stupidest and most delightful creatures to observe. Their biggest problems are green beans & squirrels. And there is something very relaxing about that.

emergency stash

"emergency" stash

I added the final part of the gift bag to my “emergency” stash at work. I think Marker’s Mark rounds it out nicely. (I also keep band-aids, Advil and tampons. Cause you never know.)

My friend lifted my spirits in a way I cannot begin to express. I am grateful. Then this week, we’ve gotten some good news on the house. Things are starting to move forward again. I’m cautiously hopeful we’ll actually live in it again. It’s amazing what some pottery can do.



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2 responses to “Bowls, Cups and Drinks

  1. Kerry

    Last week was a bad week for me also. The first two in your emergency stash I used to ease the pain. Maybe I should have tried the skittles and I wouldn’t still be trying to recoup from my clash with the first two.

  2. Sorry you’re having such a hard time with your house. I remember reading about the tree hitting your house months ago and I never dreamed it would still be going on until Christmas. That definitely sucks! I like your emergency stash though. I think you might be on to something there.