Quiet Time

balcony view

Our balcony view. I could have gotten used to living like that.

Four months after a tree fell on our house, beginning the kind of saga Shakespeare could turn into a really good play, Baby Daddy and I decided to get away for the weekend. We have been tired, frustrated and completely stressed out. Two of my team of medical professionals and my boss suggested I needed a break. They were right.

pink champagne

I love drinking pink champagne. It makes me feel like a 40s movie star.

I’ve decided I’m the kind of girl who should start every Sunday morning with a massage, facial and pedicure, followed by a champagne brunch and nap. In the evenings, I need a five-course meal of some of the finest food ever plated. Of course, if I actually lived like that, I would weigh about 400 pounds. But I would be totally relaxed and have FABULOUS skin.

If you’re ever in the Ozarks, you absolutely must stay at the Crescent Hotel and be pampered at the New Moon Spa. The hotel has some really fun history if you’re into that sort of thing. It was one of the those weekends that was just simply bliss. The staff was beyond gracious. We’re back to reality now, as eventually we knew we would have to be. But I am grateful for the time away to regroup.



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2 responses to “Quiet Time

  1. I was actually thinking of doing the exact same thing for my birthday. I’ll be 35 and it’s hitting me ten time harder than 30 did.
    I love the staff at the new moon.

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