Talent Show

Monkey Boy had a serious case of nerves before the talent show started. I promised cars, ice cream and any other bribe I could think of, which I had no intention of ever making good on. I believe as a mother, I have the right to do that. It’s in the handbook I wrote myself, right after the chapter on “Supreme Allied Commander.

In the end, he took the stage with his buddies. They were, well, four white boys doing a talent show act. Expectations were not particularly high. As a totally biased source, I proclaim them super cute.



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2 responses to “Talent Show

  1. KatieMc

    Love! Of particular note: MB totally mastering the “off beat” tambourine beat and the kazoo smackdown at the conclusion. He could totally take that kazoo kid. (sorry, kazoo kid’s mom, if you’re reading this)