Stage Mom

After my initial freak out over the talent show at Monkey Boy’s summer program, I rallied. I convinced two otherwise seemingly intelligent moms to let me produce an act with our sons.

During the practice at my house, the other moms kept commenting on how calm I was during the chaos of four five-year-old boys running around… like I wasn’t holding a bottle of wine in my hand at the time. But hey, calm is something I don’t think anyone has accused me of before, so I’ll take the compliment.

The show is tomorrow. I have absolutely NO idea how it will go. I’ll hopefully post video over the weekend. All I can divulge is the act involves a harmonica, tambourine, bongos and kazoos. I have this suspicion it will all be fine. Mostly because my son and his buddies are gigantic hams. So even if all they do is stand up there and giggle, it’ll be pretty cute. I’m basing this on his performance in the spring play.

(Ignore my dreadful camera work. Monkey Boy’s the graceful one.) I would tell them to break a leg, but that’s too close to possible to be funny.


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  1. In first grade, I was in a play (OK, for some reason, every year the GATE-gifted and talented education- class put on a play, so I did one every year from 1-6) and that year I was a pig on Old McDonalds farm. I wore a pink fabric thing my mom made over a garbage bag full of stuffing. I can still remember the laughter. It was good laughter. I think.