Square Two

This was not a particularly good week at our house. It’s been the hottest week in recorded history in Little Rock. I hate the heat. A lot. I ate some bad sushi. Did you know that when you get food poisoning, every single nerve in your body hurts? A lot. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, because well, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

I weighed myself after three days of consuming almost zero calories. I weigh more now that I ever have, which means I started off the week even bigger. Drastic measures are about to be implemented. This is a four-alarm disaster.

Perhaps I’m a little more upset about the weight than I should be. It’s possible it’s a displaced freak out. Really, the truly upsetting development this week is that our builder quit. After four months of planning and designing and selecting floor covering, appliances and counter tops, we were presented with the final contract. We ran it past our lawyer. He gave us a list of concerns with the contract. Some were deal-breakers (we could lose our house). Others were not (points of negotiation).

When presented with these issues and the request to meet to hash them out, the builder quit. He picked up his marbles and went home. It’s difficult to explain how this feels. The best I can do is an analogy I heard many years ago: it’s like being neck-deep in poo, and then someone flings a booger on you.

We have gotten recommendations for new builders. I’ll begin calling them Monday. I can only imagine how excited they’ll be to work with us when I introduce myself as a women whose previous builder just quit, and I’m going to need to know their contract language on lien waivers up front. Oh, and just for grins, they have to wait on my mortgage company to release escrow funds for payment. My mortgage company might just have the worst reputation in the industry for that sort of thing. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to rebuild my house?!

I’m not going to tell them that everyone who’s come near our house thus far has suffered some sort of terrible fate: death in the family, heart attack, storm damage to their own home or worst of all, dealing with these crazy people who want to protect their biggest investment from foreclosure because a builder didn’t pay his subs.

We’re technically not back at Square One because we do have plans we already paid for. We know what we want done. We’ve picked out all the fixtures and everything. So, here we are at Square Two. We have no idea when we’re going home.

Tomorrow we’ll go to church. I will pray again for peace and patience. I know down in me these are nothing close to the real problems so many people face every day. We are healthy. We are safe. We are together. But we are also tired. And right now, we are homesick.



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4 responses to “Square Two

  1. I am so sorry that your builder quit but I am glad that you had the courage and the foresight to be smart for yourself~ this will pay off in the long run.

    I know it is impossible to see it now but I believe there is a “plan” in all things….even the bad ones.

    hang in there and know that friends in the blogosphere are wishing you peace and patience too:)

  2. Kelli

    Bartlett Builders. Byron Bartlett is a good man, he helped us build this house, we will have him help with the next. Honest, trustworthy, thorough. You might end up dealing with his daughter. He even loaned us his truck to move into our house. Call him, 847-0931.
    Also, sorry this has sucked so much.

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