Bucket of Troubles

This has turned into a long, hot summer. A couple of dear friends are going through some tough stuff. You may have heard me mention a tree fell on our house.

trouble bucketSo Saturday night, I put a bucket on the doorstep to drop troubles. We grilled burgers and dogs. We let our children run wild. And we just breathed in and out. Of course, we laughed and told stories and yelled at our kids. Really, how hard is it to remember to close the back door?!?

We did NOT talk about our troubles. We did not try to solve any problems. We did engage is a rather contentious discussion of who would win a fight: Batman or the Power Rangers. But that’s as serious as it got.

It’s Monday now. We’re all back to reality. Troubles don’t really stay in buckets. But it was really nice for a few hours to pretend they could.



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7 responses to “Bucket of Troubles

  1. What a great idea! I have some friends going through some tough stuff, too! Funny, isn’t it .. how all of our stories are different … but fundamentally the same?!?
    Smile! MJ

  2. You should sell those buckets on Etsy. I’ll take one…

  3. Need a laugh to help with those troubles? See my blog for a friend’s solution to a plumbing problem a few Christmas times ago.

  4. Great idea! I’ve considered a “dirty word” bucket, but I think I your trouble bucket even better. 🙂

  5. I meant… “I think I like…”

  6. I may have changed my mind since Saturday night. I may now be on Batman’s side.

  7. Batman. Hands down. And that’s an awful small bucket.