Monkey Birthday Thanks

For the past four years, instead of birthday gifts for Monkey Boy, we’ve asked friends and family to bring items to donate to local charities.

It sounds very generous on our part. It’s really not. I honestly don’t want more $15 brightly colored plastic in my house. There’s too much stuff as it is. But very close friends and family, particularly grandparents, cannot be persuaded not to give him gifts. They bring donation items and also gifts for the Monkey.

When I woke up, there was this

We didn’t open gifts at the party. After we ate pizza and came home, Baby Daddy, Monkey Boy and I all crashed for naps. Monkey boy is a slippery little guy. He woke up before we did. He snuck into the living room and opened all his gifts. That would be fine, except he doesn’t care about things like thank you notes. He’s five. No enclosure cards were left anywhere near a gift.

That is why, friends and family, you will be receiving the most generic thank you card ever. Well, since the one I sent last year.

Thank for loving my family. Thank you for being generous enough to help other families in need. Thank you for coming to a birthday party for my son and making him feel special. Thank you for your gift, whatever it was.



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2 responses to “Monkey Birthday Thanks

  1. Entirely too funny!

  2. This is hysterical and your idea about a donation instead of a gift if pure genius!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it – what a wonderful way to teach both the gift giving kiddo and the birthday boy/ girl about joy of “giving!”