Monkey Boy Turns 5

Monkey Boy is five years old today. How is that possible?

I feel like time is in fast forward. He can order for himself at restaurants now. He can mostly dress himself, if you don’t mind shorts on backwards sometimes. He still believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny, but probably not for much longer. He still thinks I’m beautiful, the way all little boys crush on their moms. He doesn’t know yet other moms aren’t stark, raving mad, like his. He’s not yet embarrassed of me. He still wants to hold my hand.

Every night when I go in to kiss him goodnight, he stands on his bed and gives me big hugs and kisses.

Me: I love you to the moon and back.

Him: I love you bigger than the sun.

Me: I love you with all my heart.

Him: Now drop me on the bed.

So I drop him. And he laughs. And my heart is full.

Happy Birthday Monkey Boy!



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4 responses to “Monkey Boy Turns 5

  1. berit

    happy birthday to the entire case familia…MB is one very lucky little guy to have you for a mama…

  2. Happy Birthday Monkey Boy!!!

  3. Precious. Happy 5th Birthday, MB!

  4. Aww Happy Birthday Monkey Boy.