On how I became the butt of my own joke

I know you are sitting around wondering, “How is Kerri’s colon today?” What else could you possibly have to care about on a Monday?

So, I went to the doctor. They ran another set of x-rays. He handed me a large box with quite possibly the world’s worst name.

Are you kidding me?!?

Now I’m not gonna claim to be an advertising genius, but I know a thing or two about how to use words effectively. Somewhere, there’s a guy in the marketing department of Salix Pharmaceuticals laughing his ass off. He cannot believe the name he came up with as a joke ended up on the label.

So here’s to you marketing man. I tip my lemon-flavored MoviPrep liter bottle to you. You have succeeded in making a Saturday Night Live skit my reality and made me the butt of my own sick, sick joke of a life.



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3 responses to “On how I became the butt of my own joke

  1. rebecca

    stop-stop already. i am laughing so hard at your last two posts. you have managed to make a colonoscopy hilarious. you are too much.

  2. amy

    I am familiar with Moviprep. Be warned, if you try to flavor it with something, say lemon aid, like my doctor recommended, to make it easier to drink, you may not ever want to drink said lemon aid for thirst quenching purposes again.

  3. Janae

    In the hospitals, the name brand is GoLytely. I hate to tell you, but it does NOT go litely…