Street with Two Names

If you have lived in Little Rock any amount of time, you’ve been subjected to absurdity that is the street naming and numbering  in this town. I realize I have some issues where travel are concerned, but Damn You, Little Rock, do you have to make it harder?

Exhibit A: My street
The street with the broked house is not numbered in chronological order. You read that right. We are house 7300. As you drive east in front our house the numbers are 7200, 72 18, 7300, 7256… This is rather amusing when repair men or pizza delivery folks try to locate our house, but is a little concerning should emergency vehicles ever need to locate us.


How many Markams do you see?

Exhibit B: Markham
Starting in the River Market it’s President Clinton Ave, then it becomes Markham. This is in the area that really should be First Street. Heading west, once the road hits the train station, Markham disappears. It reappears where Third Street should be. To make it even more challenging, Third Street is briefly Boone Street before it becomes Markham. I triple dog dare an out-of-town visitor to find anything with a Markham address.

Rodney Parham

Exhibit C: Rodney Parham
You want to set off a rant from Baby Daddy. Mention the curve on Rodney Parham before Hinson Road. He will use some pretty good swear words when he explains, “That is not a curve in the road! That is a RIGHT.TURN!” In fairness, he’s correct. It used to be a turn, the city expanded the intersection and now it really it looks like a standard intersection, but going straight takes you to another road.

Exhibit D: Bryan/Bryant
This is my favorite street naming issue. On the north side of Meriwether Park, there is street named “Bryant.” On the south side, the same street is named “Bryan.” I wonder if this was a mistake that was somehow codified into maps and street signs. Of course, in this town, it could easily have been on purpose. You just never know.



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6 responses to “Street with Two Names

  1. I have never been as frustrated with street naming as I have been since I’ve been in Atlanta. One major road that can take you clear across the city goes from Rucker – Old Milton Pkwy – State Bridge Rd – Pleasant Hill Rd. to who knows what else. A road I live off is known as Highway 9/Atlanta Rd/Roswell Rd/Main Street. So frustrating.

    And don’t get me started on all the freaking roads named “Peachtree __”

    So yeah, I feel your pain. Ridiculous.

  2. What about Colonel Glenn/Asher/Roosevelt?
    Last week Brad and I were downtown to drop off a cake and decided to grab something to eat. I was trying to navigate him over to Markham when I realized we were on 3rd. I was like, ‘Oh wait. We’re here. Just go straight.’
    I’ve given up on road names. They mean nothing to me.

  3. When I lived on N. Bryan, Sears tried to deliver my new washer and dryer to N. Bryant and returned it to the warehouse for “no such address.” Even though I spelled B-R-Y-A-N to every single person at Sears I delt with on the purchase and delivery set up. I had to wait another week for them to re-deliver. Grrr.

  4. You surely remember Russellville – 3rd street – free pizza

  5. Ha. Our street name is spelled Keightly and Keightley. I’m still unsure which one is ‘correct.’

  6. When I used to work for USA Drug I did repair work on the computers in the, now closed, store on 12th st. The first time I went I had the hardest time finding it since 11th and 12th st. break up around Arkansas Childrens Hospital.,-92.291164&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=23.875,57.630033&num=1&z=15