Sleep Reading

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is the story as it was told to me. I was, as you will understand, asleep at the time. Baby Daddy swears it is true. He’s not prone to tall tales.

For some time, there have been reports of strange behavior after taking Ambien. Some people have claimed to sleep walk or eat as a result of the medication. As much as I like to pretend my life is full of wild adventure, I was unable to work up that level of excitement.

I’ve been having some trouble sleeping. I’ve had a lot on my mind. One of the members of my TEAM of health care professionals pointed out I’m no good to anyone without sufficient rest. So she prescribed the sleeping pills.

A few nights ago, my mind was thinking too many thoughts, so I took a pill and crawled into bed with a book. Baby Daddy reports he found me asleep with my glasses still on, hugging the book. He also insists I was snoring, but I think he added that part for dramatic effect. He tried to take my glasses off. I put them back on. He claims the glasses were put on and taken off several times.

Apparently, during this time, I was talking to him,”I’m pretty sure it was English, but it wasn’t strung together in a way that made any sense.” Finally, I agreed to put my glasses on the nightstand. I managed something halfway intelligible to inform him he could take my book from me when he pried it out of my cold, dead hands… or something like that.

Yes, when medication strips away all my pretense, I’m the girl who’s still trying to stay up past her bed time so she can read just a little while longer. I’m not a sleep walker, driver or water skier. I am a sleep reader, also known as a gigantic dork.

And that, friends, is why I woke up one morning to ask, “Why is there a book in the bed?”


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  1. Oh Ambien. I had a friend that would call me after taking it and not remember a thing that we talked about.