Beta Scrapa Pi

My freshman year of college, my group of friends created our own sorority: Beta Scrapa Pi or Barely Scraping By. We were a very clever bunch. It was the first time in our lives we couldn’t just bum $20 off our parents. We had to manage our own finances and make do with what we had. We were all broke most of the time.

That’s how I feel this week. I’m Beta Scrapa Pi. Financially, we’re fine. Physically, mentally and emotionally, I’m spent. It’s busy time at work. Monkey Boy has lots of end of school year stuff going on. Have I mentioned a tree fell on our house?

Some say meth ingredient. I say ability to breathe through my nose.

I ended up at the doctor yesterday. I have an ear infection in both ears and a sinus infection, which explains why my face hurts. The steroids and antibiotics are helping. I’ll be fine by tomorrow. Today, I’m just whining because it’s my blog so I can.

I’m trying to focus on gratitude: my family is safe and together; I will get a new kitchen; it’s all gonna be ok. But I’m all out of good attitude, and I never had a pioneering spirit.

On the bright side, I’m full up on crazy, so we’ve got that going for us.



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6 responses to “Beta Scrapa Pi

  1. Brandi

    I can’t imagine the stress you’ve been under, but you seem to be handling it with grace. Paddling like hell under the water, perhaps? And taking the time for “out of the blue” handwritten thank you notes? Now you’re just showing off!

    • Oddly, spending time on thank you notes is keeping me sane. It’s something I can get accomplished and it takes my mind off the things that are driving me crazy. It helps keep my focus on gratitude rather than self pity.

  2. Sharon Schroeder

    Never had a run on crazy. It has been a staple in our home and a constant in my life.

  3. Don’t worry, I’m full up on crazy too. It just makes us more interesting.

    I’m actually and hour south west-ish of LR and we had some pretty nasty weather too. Not house-on-tree bad…just parts of tree on roof/yard bad.

    All in all, I’d say you’re really holding up well:) I can’t say that my crazy wouldn’t come out more if I was in a similar situation.

  4. I love your honesty. Whether a tree falls into the middle of your life or not…sometimes life is just ovewhelming. The best remedy is asknowledging it and then just keep paddling:)

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