The Upside of Procrastination

Despite my extraordinary desire to make it so, ignoring something unpleasant long enough does not usually make it go away. There have been only three exceptions to this rule in my life: unattractive 7th grade boys, dog summer haircuts, cleaning windows on the patio.

Time can be counted on to change unattractive 7th grade boys into mildly interesting 8th grade boys. Ignore them long enough and they become handsome adult men who marry someone else because she was not so stuck up. But that’s alright because I got to marry the good-looking guy that other girls ignored when they had the chance and all is right with the world.

There are some chores if you leave on to-do list long enough, they no longer need to be done. For instance, say in May you write, “Take the dog for summer shave,” but never actually call and make the appointment, eventually it’s September and it’s not a good idea to shave the dog right before the weather turns cold. I’m not claiming this is good pet-ownership, just one of the few times ignoring something really did make it go away.

During the Super Bowl party, I gave the kids at our house window markers to draw on the patio windows. They’re sort of like shoe polish markers in different colors. They kids had a blast and left my patio covered in messages of support for the Stealers. (They weren’t particularly good prognosticators.) I intended to clean it off. I took a bottle of glass cleaner and paper towels out on the patio several times to do the job. I just really wasn’t that interested in cleaning all those windows.

And then a tree fell on my house. Problem solved.


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