Moving Right Along

Welcome Home sign for MB

Welcome Home Sign for Monkey Boy

We moved into our rent house this weekend. By moved I mean, gathered up the 15 or so pieces of unmatched set of luggage, laptop bags and plastic sacks we’ve been toting around area hotels like hobos and dropped them at our temporary permanent place. Since I spent the better part of three days in terrible pain from all my digestion ailments, I was not a huge help. But I did stay out of the way. And I’m very good a being bossy from the fetal position when I’m wracked by spasms. And Baby Daddy is equally good at ignoring a woman who should have no expectation of being taken seriously in that condition.

Welcome Home Sign for Mommy

Welcome Home Sign for Mommy

Our “landlords” are actually dear friends whose jobs took them to another city. They have not sold their house, so they’re renting it to us while they keep it on the market. Monkey Boy thinks it’s “super awesome” to sleep at his friend Gray’s house. They left most of their furniture to help the house show well, so we don’t have to move much of our own furniture. This looks to be a good situation for all of us.

I’m feeling calmer this morning than I have since this episode started. I know being in a house helps. Taking massive dosages of medication to cut down on the stomach spasms  definitely improves my attitude. Mostly I’m just glad to be out of a hotel. Even if it’s not a lot of forward progress, it feels like we’re moving right along.


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  1. Glad you have a home -away- from -home:)