Change of Heart

I’ve decided I’ve taken the wrong attitude toward the fish carcasses Baby Daddy loves so much. In fact, since God has seen fit to spare them, I think we should take a hint from the Almighty.

With the help of my friend Audreya, I have a mock-up of what I’d like to do with the fish after our remodel. I think Baby Daddy will be thrilled.

I plan to install motion sensors to play angelic harp music when people approach the miracle fish.



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4 responses to “Change of Heart

  1. Or, you could head down to the flying fish, and turn those suckers in for some free food! They’ll put wings on them and everything, and you could come vist whenever you wanted!

  2. I think your idea will go over better than my “Sure, the deer carcass can go in the living room… I’ve been needing a coat rack” suggestion.

  3. Jim Herndon

    ROFLMBO!!! I am so glad you guys are all right. I think this is one of the funnirdt blog’s I’ve seen in a looong time! God bless you Kerri, and your family too.

  4. Hi there!

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    Erin Baskin