Dog Days

Yesterday was a bad day to be a dog named Annabelle. Two families we know with dogs by that name had to put them down.

dogs at Camp Granna

Sarge and Lucy in the new digs

Our dogs, who were somehow (and much to my disappointment) miraculously spared by the storm, were sprung from their weekend in doggie jail and went to stay at Camp Granna. The trick now, is to get her to love them so much, she won’t ever send them back.

The adjuster told us his best guess on time line is 2-3 months. We’re looking for a rent house. We have a good chance of being back into something semi-permanent in a few days.

It feels like everything is being sent away or put on hold or put down all together. Don’t get me wrong, we’re grateful for our safety. The cold hard truth: we would make lousy pioneers. We like our rut and our routine. This is going to be rough on my little family.



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5 responses to “Dog Days

  1. I’m sure I speak for about 10,000 people when I say that I’ll be glad to do anything I can to help make the next few months a little easier for you. Even if it’s just to be the “looter” who can’t resist Baby Daddy’s taxidermied fish. 🙂

  2. jill

    My sweet daughter said you could stay in her room and MB could bunk with the short guy at our house. Camp Hartisfled. It could be an adventure. to.insanity.

  3. berit

    several rental houses in the NLR area…

  4. Amy

    I am not complaining by any means because we are in a much better situation than you guys. But I did want to say … I learned as well that I would make a terrible pioneer. We did not get power back until late last night and I could not have been more ready to get the easy life back. And please note, we have a generator, in which we could plug appliances, lamps , phones, etc. on a limited basis.

    • Amy, you felt more of this than I did. We didn’t stay at our house with no power. We’ve been in hotels since Friday. I feel awful for everyone with no electricity. I would have