No Justice

There is no justice. There is no law. ~Toby Ziegler

So maybe you heard, a tree fell on our house

The taxidermied abominations of wall art, which have plagued me for nearly 15 years: untouched.

The fridge containing the beer and Girl Scout cookies: smashed.



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7 responses to “No Justice

  1. Tomorrow, throw out the fish. Then tell Baby Daddy that someone must have seen them on your blog, got totally jealous, and then looted the remnants of your sunroom.

    (Then please send the looter to my house to take David’s deer carcass off the wall.)

  2. i’m with audreya on this… tell Baby Daddy someone looted the damn fish…but left the makers’ mark.

  3. Cathy

    I am so sorry…..what a mess. Glad that you all are okay!

  4. dang… that’s just sad. Quick someone steal that fish!

  5. Kim Millsap

    There’s something a-kilter in the Universe when you’re laughed at in this way!

  6. As my good deed for the day…I’m driving down to take that fish:) It’s just good karma