Baby Daddy in a Crisis

Me by the root ball. Baby Daddy measured the trunk at 3 1/2 feet and counted 77 rings.

While my friend Misty was helping me clean out our fridge yesterday, I was spinning yarns about storm night. At one point she said, “Were y’all just totally freaking out?” I stopped for a second, “Well, I was, but Baby Daddy wasn’t. He never freaks out.” She laughed, “Well, yeah.”

It’s true. He never freaks out. He never loses his cool. He is always calm. Even when the roof actually caved in on us, he was completely together.

Friday morning, even though Monkey Boy had been up part of the night, we both thought he should go to school. If for no other reason, we couldn’t get anything done with him asking why someone put a tree on our house 200 times. Also, routine really is a comfort when things unstable, so off to school he went.

When I got back from dropping him off, Baby Daddy suggested we go get coffee and devise a plan of action. He had already made the first round of phone calls to insurance and the like. As we walked out the front door, I looked over at him. We were both standing on the front porch with multiple smart phones, pens and notepads. We are both compulsive list makers. A few minutes later, we held the first Storm Team Meeting for Case & Co at Starbucks.

Later Friday, I had a bit of a breakdown. How close we were to real tragedy hit me hard. He reminded me again, we are all fine. He’s really useful in real crisis and the emotional sort.

I almost feel a little sorry for the Met Life people. He is keeping detailed lists of everything. This will be the most organized claim they have ever seen. While I’m writing this, he’s on another laptop entering expenses and various codes to be sure everything is up to date as we go.

But don’t think for a second he’s all pocket protectors and safety goggles. He is at his core a truly kind person. In the middle of one of our Storm Meetings, he said, “Oh, and Nick and Kylee are graduating in May. We need to be sure and get them gifts.” Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking the next thing on the list should be, right after find a place to do laundry, but before make list of potential bidders for reconstruction.

tree guy collecting beer

I’ve been keeping a running list of people send thank you notes to, and he keeps throwing out names for the list. But he also understands gratitude comes in many forms. The fridge where we kept the beer was flattened on the patio. When the tree guys were getting close to the end of their work, he told them if they could find any drinkable beer in there, they could have it. They took him at his word. He even found them a box to carry it out.

I used to say I wanted him around in case of a zombie invasion. He’s pretty good in a storm too. I’m glad he’s on my team.



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8 responses to “Baby Daddy in a Crisis

  1. Love this. Thank God for partners who are calm in a storm.

    And if find a place to do laundry is still on your list, drop it off at my house. I promise I’ll even separate your colors and hang up your teeshirts like you like.

    • Thanks. I took it Fun Wash, where the fun is, they do it for you. Right now insurance will pay for it. I’ll do that as long as it lasts, then I’ll start bumming off friends. So I could totally be at your house soon.

  2. I love that you thought to get a picture of the tree guy collecting the beer. That’s one for the old album!

  3. It’s a cardinal rule of marriage: only one partner may freak out at a time. Glad your guy read his handbook.

    And glad you’re all okay.

  4. Melissa

    So glad you and your family are safe. Praying for everything to go smoothly as you work through it all!

  5. I’m thinking getting to drop off your laundry to be done for you might be a good tradeoff for the fridge and its valuable contents.