Storm Damage

Thursday night, severe weather hit Arkansas. It’s spring, so if you grew up here like we did, it’s not all that surprising. What I hate most about it is the headaches it causes me. Literally, I get terrible headaches with the sudden changes in barometric pressure.

What used to be the back of our house

This time our headaches are a little different. During a scary storm, the wind blew a tree onto our house. Actually, the wind blew a tree to the ground, and our house did nothing to stop it. Our house was very polite and let the tree just come right on through. We’ve trained it that way: always be polite to visitors.

Once the tree was removed. The window in the top left is Monkey Boys room. He was asleep in that corner.

In reality, it was no laughing matter. Seven people were killed by this storm, three of them children. For reasons I do not claim to understand, our family was spared. It happened about 2 a.m. We were all asleep in our beds. The tree hitting the house woke Baby Daddy, who woke Monkey Boy and me. The tree landed on the roof mere feet from where Monkey Boy was sleeping. No one was hurt, not even our dogs. We are beyond grateful.

Inside view of damage

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for our friends and family since this happened. At 3 a.m., while the storm still raged, it was all I could do to convince a handful of friends not to drive over to our house. I’m not sure what they thought they were gonna do, but they would be there.

Since then, our friend Nick at the Capital Hotel worked with our insurance company to put us in an unbelievable room and have us treated like royalty.

Its impossible to feel sorry for yourself when this is delivered to your door. Monkey Boy ate almost the whole plate of cookies before I was able to take a pic.

We’ve slept on clean sheets and showered in a bathroom nicer than I can ever hope to have in my own home. (If you ever need a place to stay in Little Rock, you should absolutely get a room here.)

My mother has agreed to take our dogs until we can get the house repaired and the fence rebuilt. This could take quite a bit of time. My friend Misty arrived and helped me clean out the fridge of spoiled food because we have no power. Our friends, the Simpkins, invited Monkey Boy for a play date that turned into about 12 hours of free babysitting. We’ve received innumerable offers of food, shelter, babysitting and any other kind of help we might need.

On Monkey Boys bed. Could they be any sweeter to us?

Sometimes, it’s easy to believe the world is no damn good. Sometimes you think the world has lost its compass. But in the past 48 hours, my cup runneth over. I cannot express our gratitude for the kindness, warmth and care that has been shown to us.

We are safe. We are together. All that was lost is stuff, which doesn’t really matter. We are loved and can never fully express how thankful we are for that. Please know I am making a list, and eventually, you will all get proper thank you notes.



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11 responses to “Storm Damage

  1. I am so, so glad you guys are OK.

  2. rebecca

    i am so glad that you and your family are fine. we never know how fortunate we are until disaster strikes…odd isn’t it?

  3. oh my!! I am sO SO sorry this happened. I am beyond grateful everyone is ok. I hope this gets repaired quickly.


  4. I am so sorry you had to experience that! On a fun note, we will be at the Capitol hotel next tuesday and Wednesday night. Let me know if you are still there.

  5. Kerri! I am so sorry this happened. So thankful you and yours are OK. You may have heard that another friend of @tsudo and I had the same thing happen, just a block down from my house. The tree went through their kitchen and bent the whole house. But they’re OK too, and the rest is just stuff.

    Hugs. Meanwhile, bask in the respite of the Capital and breathe as easy as you can.

  6. That is so scary!! I’m so glad you and your family are safe. I hope everything comes together smoothly during the repairs. Thank goodness for your family and friends. Love the special touches the hotel has a thoughtful side.

  7. Angela

    So glad you and your family came out of this unharmed! I lived in AR for 20 years and am too familiar with those storms…always thinking that it wouldn’t happen to me. Thankfully I didn’t ever have such an unfortunate experience as this but have known so many who did. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this. You and your family are in my prayers.

  8. Mary Williams

    Kerri we are glad you are ok. I know that this was very frightening!
    If we can help you let us know.
    You are welcome to come and stay in our guest room if you want to get out of the city! Our guest room has a little upstairs room for a little child to stay near his/her parents. Eleanor enjoys it. David thinks he and Monkey Boy might enjoy each others company!

  9. Well, you certainly have a wonderful way of giving me a little perspective…but did you really need to drop a tree on your house to do it?
    I am sooooooo glad that you all are okay and I am so glad that your beautiful gift with words was shared with all of us =

    you have a way of making things, even scary and terrible things, sound gorgeous.

    It is not hard to see why you are loved my so many!

    I will be thinking of you (and many many others) who suffered damage from these terrible storms.

  10. Kerri:

    I am so glad that you and your family are okay. I know it must have been scary to endure all that happened. You have the right attitude and as they say…attitude is half the battle. Stay strong. I am here if you need anything.


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