Night With David Sedaris

Some friends and I went to see David Sedaris last night. He was in town doing a reading to help raise money for the Arkansas Literary Festival. It’s a worthy cause. All proceeds go to fund adult literacy in the state. I have heard him read before. He doesn’t disappoint. My abs are actually sore today from laughing so hard.

Back when I was teaching Freshman Comp, I had my students read some Sedaris. Most didn’t get it. They were confused and a little angry. A few laughed. I like to think of them as the glimmer of hope in the darkness of stupidity. Last night, I tried to re-tell some of his material to Baby Daddy. I lack the Sedaris delivery. I got a lot of silence and blank stares. I won’t try it on you. I now know my limitations in this area.

I will give you Sedaris in his own words and voice… as it is clear I will only mangle comic his genius.



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3 responses to “Night With David Sedaris

  1. Jealous! I have never heard him read aloud. But I do have a funny David Sedaris story. In one of his books, he talks about this restaurant called the Sanitary in New Bern, N.C. The place is an institution for all campers past and present at Camp Seafarer/Camp Sea Gull. My brothers and I attended those camps for years, and every time, we’d come home to Maryland raving over our trip to the “city” of New Bern to eat hushpuppies and popcorn ship at the Sanitary. And our parents never quite understood why a restaurant with a name like that could be so appealing.

    Well, David Sedaris mentioned the place in one of his books, and ever since, even with his much more sophisticated jaunts in Paris, I’m convinced that if David Sedaris thinks it’s a place worth mentioning in a book, it’s a damn good place.

  2. Those blank stares? Yeah, I got them today, too. Even when I told the Willie Nelson joke. Come ON, people. That shit is funny.

  3. I ADORE David Sedaris – I listen to him ALL THE TIME in the car – he is soooooooo much funnier on audio than even reading –

    He is twisted hilarious soul – I like to think that we would be friends:)

    Sorry to hear about your house – I abandoned the blogosphere and return to find utter destruction…

    I’m off to read about what happened…I just had to tell you that I share the Sedaris LOVE:)