Those Neighbors {Wordless Wednesday}

azailia bushes

These are our next door neighbors azaleas.

This is ours. Yeah, we're *those* neighbors.



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2 responses to “Those Neighbors {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. Amy

    Your azaleas are beautiful. This is my favorite time of year mainly because I love, love azaleas.

  2. I had the Exact. Same. Conversation. with Brad last week. He pointed out the window at the neighbors azaleas and said, “What are those?”
    Me: “Azaleas.”
    Brad: “Don’t we have azaleas?”
    Me; “Yes.”
    Brad: “Why aren’t they blooming?”
    Me: “They are. See that one flower?”
    Also, the dirt washed away and now our trees are leaning like they’re trying to get away from our house.