Words Which Should Not Be Spoken

I love words. I have a lot of them. I try to use them well. However, the English language, or at least the American version of it we speak, has some truly dreadful words floating around in it. Some make me cringe. Some make my flesh crawl. Some are just gross.

OraMoist Dry Mouth PatchMy friend Sarabeth found this little gem of a product. It illustrates my point perfectly. The word “moist” is just disgusting. Don’t use it. Ever. There’s just no time it’s appropriate. There are other offenders. After consultation with some friends, I have assembled below an incomplete list:

Words Which Should Not Be Spoken

  • moist
  • damp
  • ointment
  • pantsuit
  • salve
  • fleshy
  • bloated
  • flange
  • stench
  • moldy
  • diarrhea
  • chafe
  • saggy
  • shriveled
  • distended
  • platypus
  • sliders
  • shale

What else? What words are on your list of those which should not be spoken?



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11 responses to “Words Which Should Not Be Spoken

  1. Any word describing male reproductive fluids. Or the clincial terms by which those fluids leave the body.

  2. But what about moist cake? Are you doomed to dry cake forever?

  3. Cathy

    mucus, phlegm, hocker…

  4. Glenna James

    ok you are just goofy on this one.

  5. Pantie or Panties. blech.

  6. berit

    polyester, fart, fluffer, and most male anatomy words like: wanker, rod… girl, seriously? i got lots of them…