Working for a Living

It’s Day 4 of the new job.

My feet hurt.

I’m exhausted.

I’m having a really good time.

office suppliesDid you know there’s an office supply fairy? There is here. Every time I came to my desk for the first three days, there were more office supplies. Really. How great is that? Part of it came from Brenda, who is the absolutely delightful Director of Operations. The other part came from Bryan, which seemed all sweet until I realized he was thieving them from others and stashing them on my desk. So, if you’re missing scissors, I probably have them. But I’m not giving them back. The tall man said I didn’t have too.

Now would be the time I should insert a picture of the gluten-free cookies my sweet friend Kelli made to welcome me. But I ate them all. The whole box. In about 20 minutes. Yes, they were that good.

But the number one reason I think this whole job thing is gonna work out: Brenda found this to put on my desk. How do you not like a place that provides frogs?

frog dish



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4 responses to “Working for a Living

  1. We’re glad to have you. This place just got interesting.

  2. Congrats on your new job, Kerri!

  3. kat

    So happy it’s going well!

  4. thanks y’all for the well wishes.