Penguin Pointe at Little Rock Zoo

penguins at Little Rock zooThe Little Rock Zoo is opening its new penguin exhibit today. Last week, because I am so very awesome… OK fine, I am friends with some beautiful, local bloggers and the PR girl at the zoo, I got to get a sneak peak. It’s really quite something. The exhibit allows zoo guests to see the eleven birds from both above ground and in the water.

Kat & Nate penguins

Kat & Nate watch the penguins swim

When given chance to see something interesting at the zoo, good mothers bring their children and have a lovely morning together. As we have previously covered on this blog, I am not a good mother, so Monkey Boy did not go. (In my defense, he had been out of school for three days with strep leading up to this little adventure. We both desperately needed a break from each other.)

Savannah above ground

pic from below ground of Savannah penguin pics above ground

The other kids loved running back and forth in front of the glass while the penguins swam around. My guess is, this will be a very popular exhibit. I think I’m sort of morally obligated to take Monkey Boy back to see the penguins now that it’s officially open. Or maybe that’s a job for one of his grandparents. Either way, he’ll see them soon.

live strong penguin

Each of the penguins wears an ID "bracelet." We called this guy Live Strong. He was quite the performer. Loved having his picture taken.

Live strong penguin

Live Strong would actually jump in front of the camera if he thought you were gonna take a pic of another bird. His fame has gone to his head a bit.

Kelli Reep

And three cheers for Kelli - the beautiful, talented and infinitely patient blogger handler



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5 responses to “Penguin Pointe at Little Rock Zoo

  1. Ty

    That “Livestrong” guy looks like a Jackass.

  2. Glenna James

    I volunteer. Maybe I can take P and MB

  3. Um. No kids here either. And they knew I was going. #MOTY

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