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In our house, there is nothing more important than Razorback football. Every year, we basically stop our lives for the Hogs to play pigskin. For crying out loud, I was a Razorback Belle for Danny Ford. If that doesn’t show love for the program, I don’t know what will.

But I’ve noticed others in Arkansas seem to think other things are more important. So in a completely unscientific poll, I’ve decided to see what y’all think our state takes the most seriously. What do you think? (poll closes at 8PM CST Friday)



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12 responses to “Priorities

  1. Here’s the deal: If Sanders or Hubbard think it’s important, it’s pretty much a waste of space.

    But I’m waiting for Congress to pass a law that if Arkansas ever loses a game, it will never be because of lack of skills or crappy coaching or shortage of funds to buy Cam Newton-ish talent. Rather, it will always be because a referee cheated. Lord knows that’s the truth. And if we know anything to be true, it’s that thanks to Mike Huckabee, the Lord is always on Arkansas’s (or Arkansas’, eff it, you figure it out) side.

    In the meantime, can we at least get Sweet Tea outlawed? Dear Jay Grelen: It’s called an obituary. People pay for fancy obituaries these days, you know. In the name of Pulitzer Prize-winning (lest we forget the glory days) Paul Greenberg, quit screwing up the last remaining revenue model for your dying employer.

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  3. Arkstfan

    #1. More people will be in church on Sunday than watch the Hogs on TV and in person combined so that one is easy. I’d rather be a Tide fan in Razorback Stadium than be a Baptist in Searcy or a Methodist in Arkadelphia.

    #2. The second highest priority is bafflingly deer hunting. More people will be in the woods on opening day than will attend every college football program in the state if they somehow all had a home game the same day.

    #3. I’ve been in Shreveport long enough to discover that not only are the refs out to get Arkansas, but seem to have it in for LSU, the Saints and among a few souls even the Dallas Cowboys.

    #4 Our poor Amy is clearly still throwing dollars in Hussman’s wallet. I quit the Demo-zette and don’t miss its small backwater mindset at all. Put Arkansas Times and for the sake of balance Tolbert Report into your RSS reader or follow them on Twitter and throw in one or two LR TV stations on Twitter and you’ll have the local stuff covered, if you want sports then add ArkansasSports360. If you are reading the Dem-zette for National, World, Business, or Sports there really is no hope for you.

  4. The results of this poll are why we can’t have nice things, Arkansas!

    I think you have underestimated the number of hog loving heathens, ArST fan.

  5. I will admit I still take the paper. My morning newsprint and coffee is an addiction. While my reader is filled with healthy fare, I cannot give up my marshmallow fluff habit.

  6. Arkstfan

    Amy, quit the paper. They will call you daily like a crazed stalker, thereby meeting the need we all have of being desired. They will also deliver the paper to you for free one week each month as a trial to prove their love for you. Getting that one week a month of the newspaper will help you taper down as you deal with your addiction.

  7. kat

    you forgot “CHEESE DIP!!”

  8. The Wes Gazette

    Sweet Tea should definitely be outlawed. That is all.

  9. I’m about an hour away from LR and I am so glad to read your hilarious, refreshing blog.

    I literally laughed SO HARD when I saw the other options besides Razorbacks. Churches & Car Dealerships are rampant in every part of the state I have lived in. I’m so glad to see someone else have the same mindset about it as I do.

  10. JenOH

    I voted for severe weather, and my #2 would have been church. Like Arkstfan, deer hunting would have ranked before the Hogs, too. Don’t get me wrong, we hold season tickets and are BIG fans. Lilla Girl and her baby doll have matching homemade Hogs dresses, K? But, where I grew up most people don’t follow the Razorbacks closely at all. It’s out of reach and out of mind for most rural Arkansans, I contend. (Yes, I do realize that many people in rural areas hold the Razorbacks program as dear as they mommas, but I’m talking about the state as a whole.) Tornadoes, black ice, and church, however, affect errrrbody.