I Want a Puppy

I want a puppy. Actually, I want to rent a puppy… just for an hour or so. I want to hold a cuddly, little dog. I’d even be ok if the little guy wanted to sleep the whole time.

I have two dogs. I absolutely do not want any more animals to care for. The ones I have are more trouble than they’re worth. Especially when one of them yacked everywhere this morning. Ugh. Sometimes when it feels like winter is dragging on too long, it would be nice to snuggle a puppy.

Any of these will do.



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4 responses to “I Want a Puppy

  1. My guinea pig is super-duper cuddly. When she’s not peeing on you.

  2. I do miss puppies! There was a lady at an antique shop recently who had a morkie or something. Maltese and Yorkie, I think. It was tiny and presh. I could take home a dozen at least.

  3. In Japan, they seriously have basically little puppy and kitty prostitutes. Puppies and kittens in cafes that you can pay to cuddle for an hour or so.

    I hear animal shelters will let you cuddle puppies for free.

    Somewhat similarly, I used to get my baby-snuggling fix rocking babies in the NICU at a children’s hospital.