Why I’m a Bad Mom

Monkey Boy poutsThis is why I know I’m a bad mom.

The weather people have predicted 62 tons of snow for tomorrow and we will all have to stay inside until the pool opens on Memorial Day, or something equally dreadful. Unfortunately, I actually needed bread and milk, so off to the Kroger I went to join the mob of terrified Southerners. I hoped going at 9am would mean less frenzied chaos. No such luck. Everyone there looked dazed and confused. That’s just how I look, so I have an excuse.

I ran into a couple of women I know. They have kids about Monkey Boy’s age. One wondered aloud if all the sleds will have sold by this afternoon. She’s thinking how much her daughter would like to sled and play in the snow. She’s thinking about making childhood memories. She’s thinking about her child rather than herself.

I’m walking through the grocery store trying to figure out how we are going to simply survive being inside.together. for 48 hours. I have no plans to play in the snow. I did that once this year, the last time it snowed. That’s enough for me until next year. I’m not thinking about childhood memories. I’m thinking about taking sedatives so I don’t eat my young. I’m thinking about how much extra laundry there is going to be. I’m wondering how long I can legitimately sit in my closet and hide while whimpering before someone is required to notify the authorities. I’m thanking God in Heaven that if we get snowed in, Baby Daddy and Katy Kat will likely be here someone will probably take Monkey Boy outside to play because his mother refuses to get out from under the covers.

Good mothers look forward to this sort of thing. I am not a good mother. I’m willing to live with that. I’m not willing to play in the snow.



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12 responses to “Why I’m a Bad Mom

  1. Dude, I’m so over the snow-kid or not. I honestly have never seen this much snow in all the rest of my life as we have seen this season. I’m done with it. I’m packing a bag and heading to the beach. I’ll be in Mexico if you need me. I’ll have my laptop. You’re free to come.
    THAT would be a bad mom. (But I won’t tell).

  2. I love snow. The most wonderful thing in the world. Feel free to send MB across markham to our house and he can play all he wants. Did I mention I love snow?

  3. I am so with you. SO.WITH.YOU. My priority was to get to Heights Fine Wine & Liquor. And be sure my prescriptions were all filled.

  4. Dede Lowe

    I to am a bad mom.

  5. This snow is Joel Dipippa’s fault. I know it is!!!!

  6. Jim Herndon

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA. I had to share this on fB. Hope you don’t mind.

  7. If you’re a bad mom then I’m awful. Not only would I not be out in the snow, I don’t like the beach or the pool either. Thank the gods for family who do like the beach, pool and other such outdoor activities. I’m with Noelle on this one… the liquor store and pharmacy are good things.

  8. Jena Selva

    I’m with you on the snow! My closet is the only place in the house that is really mine. Sometimes I like to hide there too. They always seem to find me though! Actually, the last time I was in there, door shut and crying, it was at the end of a snow day!

  9. yea, what you said kerri— thing2 and i hate the snow, so we watch thing1 tromp around in it…

  10. p.s. you aren’t a bad mom, you’re just not a snow mom…

  11. This is why we can be friends. Bryan came home early from work (so he wouldn’t get stuck) and took the kids out to play. I took a nap. It was the best thing for everyone. 😉

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