Awful Truth

I knew this day would come. I knew I couldn’t hide it forever. I mean, there are pictures, for crying out loud. You can never escape photos of yourself. Monkey Boy was bound to find out. I just didn’t know he would be this young. How is he supposed to process information like that about his own mother when he’s such a little boy?

super bowl decorationsIt was all so innocent too. We’re going to have a Super Bowl party tomorrow. I’m cleaning and decorating. It’s what I do. Monkey Boy saw me bringing things down out of the attic. His general curiosity was piqued. “What are you doing? What’s that? Where did it come from?”

Me ~ 1991 ~ I also know how to use hot rollers and hair spray

The answers were hard to spit out, “Those are pom poms. They’re Mommy’s.” He looked confused, “Why do you have those?”

It was then I had to confess the awful truth: Mommy has pom poms because she knows how to use them. On the day we check him into rehab because he’s using hard drugs, the doctors and therapists will trace his downfall to this day. I just know it.



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9 responses to “Awful Truth

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  2. Sarabeth

    My kids found the old uniforms years ago…so embarrassing to have a cheerleader for a mom.

  3. That is a rockin friendship bracelet you have on too. At least you do not have the old uniform like SB (right?).

    I am not sure if the evidence of Brandie’s cheerleading days still exist. I am pretty sure there is nothing in our house other than old yearbooks.

  4. I love it!!

    I wasn’t coordinated enough to be a cheer leader, because cheerleading these days is basically competitive gymnastics. But I was on the pep squad in Jr. High. In high school I embraced the geek and did marching band, newspaper, and Quiz Bowl.

  5. Sericia

    You are so friggin’ cute!

  6. Angela Bain

    Ok, I just cannot ignore the rocky outcrop you are sitting on…smiling…although it must have been amazingly painful. That’s what I call team spirit! Did you have a pom-pon stuffed in your britches for cushioning? That certainly would have been the only way I could have smiled in that situation. Funny, there is a drill team picture of my middle sister posed just the same but she is on a stack of firewood.

  7. Oh gurl, I was a cheerleader too.
    And now I am the cheer coach………..and ps cheer MOMS are the worst.

  8. Jason Walker

    Wow, my wife and I read this blog everyday…and my wife works with your sister…and it wasn’t until I saw this picture that I realized I went to school with you. So funny.