Mamma is Bitter


This is what a snow storm should look like to close school. ~ Chicago record snowstorm 1967 ~ courtesy: Tribune archive

Little Rock snow

This is what actually closed schools in Little Rock 2011. Really.





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5 responses to “Mamma is Bitter

  1. Charlene Birky

    We’ve had a bit more snow than that here in Oklahoma – this is our 6th day of no school – Tuesday we were blessed with 13″ of snow (with drifts of 26″) – and now it is snowing again.

    I think, if I wanted snow like this, I would live in ALASKA!!!!

  2. I’m right there with you on the bitter parade. While, yes, we do have snow on the ground tonight … it was pretty much clear except for a few flurries in our area ALL DAY LONG. Instead of TGIF, I’m excited for Monday, presuming we don’t do another round of this on Sunday. Ugh.

  3. Jena Selva

    I honestly thought it was a joke! I did not believe my husband when he told my the school district had called.