The Case for Frivolous Fun

Ken's CDsOur dear friend Ken turned 40. This weekend, his wife Molly threw a fabulous party. She let me help get things set up. Molly and her mom Cathy have minds like mine when it comes to party planning. (In all other areas, they show signs of sanity, so don’t worry.) I take every chance I get to spend time in their company.

guitar center pieces

Molly had photos of Ken's favorite guitars made into center pieces for the tables.

I told them how much I loved the work they did on the party. The level of detail was amazing. Cathy’s response blew me away. Her other daughter Chelsey, Molly’s younger sister, died in a car accident three years ago. She said, “You know, we’re never gonna give Chelsey a wedding. And I will not let the people I love in my life ever wonder how I feel about them. We’re going to celebrate and throw parties while we can.”

I have never heard a better case for frivolous fun. My love of parties is no secret. I’ve wondered, at times, if the energy I spend on parties is silly. Cathy reminded me, acts of love are never silly.

candy bar

candy bar with all Ken's favorite candies and a guitar tree

She has taken pain I cannot begin to understand and turned it into something constructive. She honors her daughter who is gone, by living. She honors her daughter who is still here by refusing to just exist. She is determined to live fully. She honors us all by sharing her wisdom.

rock star

I sang with the band. It was the worst rendition of Sweet Home Alabama in the history of Lynard Skynard. But it was fun!

Saturday night we celebrated Ken’s life by living. We laughed and sang and danced. We proved Cathy right: no act of love is ever wasted. In a world of pain, suffering, hurt and loss, there is always a need for frivolous fun.


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