I have sensitive skin. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous. It’s also true. I’m a sensitive girl, really. If you’ve read this blog much at all, you already know far too much about my delicate digestive system. I am not made of hardy stock.

doveThere was a time when I spent serious wads of cash on creams and potions for my face. That was in the days before I had to pay for kid day storage and three to four wardrobes a year for a Monkey Boy who never stops growing. (They told me if I fed him everyday, this would happen.) Several years ago, in an effort to reduce my spending, I found Dove moisturizers. I fell in love with every formulation. First, they totally worked for a girl with my skin issues. Second, they were cheap! They cost roughly six bucks a bottle. Score!

My love affair with Dove moisturizers continued without a hitch until recently. A new Target opened near my house. There was no Dove. I figured this to be a new store glitch. But then when I went to (all the way out) West Little Rock Target, they didn’t have it either. I tried other drug stores. Nothing. Then I went online.

wal mart dove

Store website after store website claimed to be "temporarily out of stock."

amazon dove

I finally found one source. I tip my hat to the enterprising capitalist who wants me to pay $32 for one of the few precious bottle left.

I grabbed something off the shelf I thought would be fine. It wasn’t. The first week I used it, I had more blemishes than usual. Today my eyes almost swelled shut. I had to ask a woman at a meeting for a cold cloth to put on my face. That was a particularly impressive moment for me.

It’s time to try again. Friends have recommended Cetaphil, Aveeno and old school Oil of Olay. I’m open to suggestions. Anything that doesn’t set my face on fire, cause me to break out or require a second mortgage is good by me.



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12 responses to “CRISIS

  1. I’ve been using Cetaphil since high school. My dermatologist suggested it. I’ve tried other things at various times and either have had issues with sensitivity or break outs – or both. So, I stick with Cetaphil.

  2. Pam C. Pruett

    I use Merle Norman for everything….I think my skin looks good and it doesn’t hurt…….sorry you’re having problems 😦 I like Dove soap, it’s the only soap I use….was it a cleanser you were using??

  3. Jeananne

    Highly recommend BIO-OIL at walgreens for extra moisturizing and it helps dark circles and age issues. I am 47 and you might not need this yet.
    The other is OIL OF OLAY – fabulous. Their day and night creams are excellent too. Plus there are lots of coupons for their products.

  4. I have really sensitive skin ,and have used philosophy purity for the past few years and have liked it. It doesn’t dry my skin out or cause breakouts, and no strong fragrances. Good luck finding something!

  5. Jim Herndon

    Knowing one of your relatives as I do, I feel you come from stock so hardy it is brittle. I feel for your issues below your neck, but the issue above your neck is non exsistant, You, young lady, are beautiful. You should just accept it and move on. A new moisturizer that actually works may be a fantasy anyway, like cures for major diseases. The Pharmaceutical companies have cures sitting on shelves but need to keep selling us temporary fixes so they can continue to reap obscene profits. The moisturizer fairies are just waiting until women are so desparate they will pay almost anything for a decent product., then they will realease a “new and improved” version of what you’ve been buying all along,Sorry for the rant. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  6. My suggestion made it on your blog!!! YAY 😀


  7. I also have very wacky sensitive skin. I used to buy Cetaphil but it didn’t do anything for my skin. For face wash and moisturizer, I have to go the expensive route because of all my skin issues. I REALLY recommend CeraVe moisturizer. You can find it at most drug stores. The downfall is that it costs more…but it does last a long time. If none of the cheaper stuff works for you, try it out.

  8. Susan G

    Kerri, I have really sensitive skin too. I have a really hard time finding sunscreens and moisturizers for my face that don’t make me feel like burning flesh. I have been using Dove sensitive skin bar soap on my face for years (love Dove too!), and for a long time I was using Oil of Olay sensitive skin moisturizer. Over the last year, they must have changed their formulation because now I get the burning flesh problem with it. I switched over to Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizing and love it.

  9. Thanks so much for everyone for the suggestions. I’m giving Cetaphil a try first. Here’s hoping…

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