Angel Tree Jacob

Dear Angel Tree Jacob,

Christmas gift bagI’m sorry. I’m sorry I got you underpants. Your mom said you needed them. I snuck some toy cars in there too, if that’s any consolation. It’s probably not enough to make up for the underpants.When I was a kid, my Nano got me underpants every year for Christmas. I hated that.

Times aren’t really that good right now. Seems like everyone is worried about money these days. I’m sorry you had to come into a world like that. Sadly, that’s how it goes sometimes.

I had a bad attitude when I went to the store to get your gifts. I went late, as usual with me. I hadn’t even bothered to look at your form. Your mom wrote practical things on it. It looks like she needs some help right now. Then she added, “Any toy would be nice.” That sentence broke my heart. That sentence shook me out of the foul mood where I spend most of December.

gifts wrappedI was tired when I got home. But Baby Daddy reminded me you’re three years old. Half the fun of Christmas when you’re three is ripping paper. So I wrapped up your socks, sensible clothes and the afore-mentioned underpants in paper and put pretty ribbon on the packages. He was right. Those gifts will look lovely under the tree, even if they’re not all toys.

I think you may have a good mom. She’s asking for the things in this life you really need. She’s also looking out for you, kid. She’s thinking how nice Christmas morning would be if you had some fun stuff too.

christmas presentI’ve thought a lot about your mom. I probably won’t be able to stop thinking about her for a while. I think about the pride she had to swallow to go register for the Angel Tree. I think about how humbling it must be to ask strangers for your children’s basic needs. I think about how scared she must be. all.the.time. I hope for her. I hope things get better for her financially. I hope life gets a little easier for her. I hope, somewhere in this season, she finds a bit of joy and peace. I bet if you gave her a big hug and kiss, it would help.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I hope next year you’re not on the Angel Tree. But if you are, don’t worry, I’ll buy you some more underpants… and some cars too.

Much love,




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  1. Jennifer Reed


  2. Jacob and his mom are lucky to have someone as kind and compassionate as you to pull their angel off the tree –

    There is a special place in Heaven for people like you. I truly believe that.

  3. Melissa

    Very moving.


    See Kerri , we all agree you truly are an angel on earth. Rather you are asking someone how their day was or giving people joy through your words or helping a little boy have a Merry Christmas. Yes,that sounds like an ANGEL ON EARTH! The world needs more people like you.

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  6. You and your making-my-eyes-leak post. Sheesh.

    ps- I’m so happy to know you. You are good.

  7. Um, yeah. What they said. About the crying.

    Thank you for this – the doing and the writing.

  8. Pam C. Pruett

    Every year Itake my grandkids and we buy for the angels off of the Angel Tree. The very first time I took my oldest granddaughter, (I think she was 5) as we were riding home she asked, When am I going to be an angel on the tree?” I looked back at her and said, I hope never. When I brought her back to her own home, I told her mom what she’d said. Her mom looked at her with tears in her eyes and said, I was an angel on the tree before. We stood there hugging and crying…Now 5 years later, I brought 4 of my grandchildren to buy gifts off of the tree this year….it is something they
    look forward to every year and we talk about how thankful we are that we can help an angel and not be one.

  9. Now I have to explain why I am crying at work. Also, why I am reading a blog while at work. All in the name of research. Thanks for this post, BEAUTIFUL!

  10. This brought tears to my eyes. I spent the weekend purchasing gifts for a family and wrapping them all-it is rewarding and exhausting. Thank you for such an honest post. NEW underwear could be very exciting!!