Tale of Two Trees

Glitteratti Tree

Glitteratti tree

Glitteratti Tree - day

Glitteratti tree

Glitteratti Tree - night

glitteratti details

Blue Car Tree

blue car tree

Monkey Boy's blue table top tree

sparkly car ornaments

It has sparkly car ornaments

car ornaments

Monkey Boy said it was "Awesome!" Then he thanked my friend Bec, who happened to be here when he saw it. No thanks to the Mommmy person. at.all.



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4 responses to “Tale of Two Trees

  1. Both trees are great! My daughter made her Christmas shopping list the other nite … listed her sister … AND HERSELF … at the top … grandmothers … boyfriend … aunts .. uncles … cousins … close family friend … it was three pages long …

    oops … Mom wasn’t on the list … guess I’ve been a “bad Mom” this year … or somethin’

    ho! ho! ho!
    Mary Jane

  2. Bec

    I bring the awesome. I mean what do you expect? I AM the “Only person in the world” who has Angry Birds on their phone. (Or so the Monkey thinks)

  3. …reminds me of when Paige thanked Roy for the electric car.

  4. love monkey boy’s tree.