Glitter Festivus

red christmas ball ornament in treePretty much my whole life I’ve had a kid Christmas tree: unmatched ornaments from all different places, macaroni construction, lots of pipe cleaners and blinking lights. The past couple of years Monkey Boy couldn’t be trusted not to mess with the tree, so it was lights only. I actually kind of liked those trees the best. Very simple and pretty. This year, for the first time, we’re having two trees. I can’t bring myself to get rid of the kid tree, but we have enough space in this house to add another: a grown up tree.

I may be crafty, but when it comes to this sort of thing, I’m lost. I tried to go to the store to look at decorations and got so overwhelmed, I left. My friend Andrea has been crowned “Queen of the Glitteratti.” She is amazing at this sort of thing. I begged her for help. She met me at a store and did a “Lunch and Learn” on Glitter Festivus decor. She helped me make selections for my grown up tree and then pushed me out of the nest to get my sparkle on.

glitter berry sticks

It's obvious Andrea is a city girl when she tries to convince me these glitter berries look "natural."

Christmas tree glitter sticks

The hard part for me is looking at buckets like this and visualizing how any given piece will look on my tree.

mesh rolls

I'm not gonna lie, I thought this stuff was some weird wrapping paper for years and avoided it, as I usually prefer a gift bag.

tree top glitter sticks and bows

Andrea says if you don't have a tree topper you like, you can just shove a bunch of picks in there and it'll look "poptastic."

blue christmas tree

The problem with spending too much time with the Glitteratti is that you start to want things you have no business wanting, like a blue Christmas tree. And we could orange mesh on it!

glitter peacock feathers

... and glitter peacock feathers. Wouldn't those be awesome?!? When I said I had to find a way to have these, I was escorted to the cashier. Friends don't let novice friends huff glitter.

In this season of giving, my gift to you dear reader, is Andrea. I brought my Flip Cam along so you too can be a Glitteratti. Here are her instructional videos:



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5 responses to “Glitter Festivus

  1. jblocker

    What store are you at? Ive been looking for some tull.

  2. Andrea

    BAM! Ha! I so enjoyed this. Thanks Kerri!

  3. Thanks for sharing the videos! I have a kid-friendly tree but would love to use some of these ideas to dress it up a bit.