Season Change

Today is the first day of Advent. Despite my very strict rules about no Christmas until December, I was not consulted on the liturgical calendar. Now we move from the Season of Gratitude to the Season of Grace.

Before we move on, a quick recap of Thanksgiving pics, just because they make me happy.

Turkey handprint

That Monkey Boy can be such a turkey

Thanksgiving cupcakes

I downloaded the cupcake toppers from

Thanksgiving cupcake

No one even guessed they were gluten-free. They ate them right up.

Advent Table

Today I put up the Advent table. There will be no more Christmas in this house until December 6, the feast of Saint Nicholas.



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2 responses to “Season Change

  1. Ty

    December 6 . . . I plan to kill a nice big buck that day. What better way to celebrate?!?

  2. Your decorations are lovely – I should have guessed!
    I am impressed by Advent decorations – and I am sorry to confess that Christmas arrived in our household on Saturday evening:)
    But what’s a few days…