Family Pictures

We got our annual family pictures made last week. Of course, I waited till the last minute to do anything in regard to getting us all ready for this event. Baby Daddy had the foresight to get a haircut. He’s a barber’s son. He’s good about things like that. I was at the mall an hour before we were supposed to meet the photographer trying to find something to wear that didn’t make me want to shoot myself.

Monkey Boy fell down running out of the school and sustained a “terrible injury.” At least that’s what he kept telling us, although the was not a mark on him. We piled out of the car at Sweet Home Furnishings, and I was certain this was going to be a disaster. But photographer Whitney Loibner pulled us together. She managed to make us look good, while capturing who we really are.

whitney loibner photography

This is how we secretly wished we looked to the world: upright citizens.

Whitney Loibner photography

This is how we really are. The picture to the left is how I convinced him I would feed, walk and care for the dogs I have never once fed, walked or cared for. The pic to the right is how we roll through trouble: Baby Daddy puts a strong face forward and I lean on him.

Whitney Loibner photography

If you want to know what it's like to live in our house, this is it. Baby Daddy and I totally convinced Monkey Boy is up to something and he just grins cause he's got us on the payroll.

Huge thanks to John at Sweet Home Furnishings for just believing me it would fun to have us tramping around his antique store taking family photos. I’m not sure if it was fun for him, but his place made for fabulous photos.



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7 responses to “Family Pictures

  1. Those are great! You guys look down right civilized! 🙂

  2. So good! And yes, even before I read the caption of the last picture, I thought “I’ve seen this scenario before”. About 30 seconds before a giant firetruck tent appeared in your living room. “What are you doing?” “Nothing”… enter firetruck.

  3. Alison

    Love the boots. Love the outfit. Love the photos.
    You guys look great!

  4. beeps

    hottie! your family is so precious! i love that whit captured yall so perfectly…

  5. What a sweet family and gorgeous photos! I love the antique signs you used.

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