messy garageThere is part of my brain that makes stuff and plans parties and mentally stores images I like as if I were ripping them from a magazine. I don’t try to make these things happen, it’s just how I process my world. I jokingly call it the PsychoCrafter part of me.

During my sabbatical, I’ve had the chance to explore a little of this area. I’m not huffing glitter or sniffing my glue gun. I’ve just been poking around to see what’s in there. It’s like finally deciding to clean out your garage and realizing there are more than just a few boxes to sort through. I gotta get all this insanity organized.

So I’ve decided to give the PsychoCrafter her own blog. I’m gonna make stuff, plan parties and rip digital pages from magazines and blogs to show you what speaks to me. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, go see me over there. There may be some interesting stuff in there among all the craziness. You never know.

No worries, I’ll still be here: swearing at my little town, sharing the misadventures of Monkey Boy & Baby Daddy, talking about red houses and whining about my various ailments. No matter which place I see you, it’s always nice when you drop by.


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